We are an “A” rated High School

Springboard® Program

Madison Highland Prep prepares our students for college and career readiness in English Language Arts and Mathematics using the Springboard® Program. The program utilizes research based in cognitive learning theory to provide a flexible instructional program that enables teachers to differentiate instruction and engage a diverse population of students with varying levels of knowledge and skills and a variety of student-centered learning styles. The curriculum is designed to prepare all students for success in AP® and college-level work and to challenge and engage all students so that they meet or exceed state standards.

Springboard® Compendium of Research – click here

English Language Arts
The English Language Arts (ELA) program is aligned to Arizona English Language Arts Standards with an emphasis on text complexity, textual evidence, and meaningful tasks. The ELA program provides comprehensive instruction in the areas of academic vocabulary; key ideas and details; language and grammar; text-related writing and evidence citation; and discussion, collaboration, and presentation skills.

Springboard® CCSS Instructional Shifts, English Language Arts – click here

The Mathematics program is aligned to Arizona Mathematic Standards with an emphasis on procedural fluency, conceptual understanding, and proficiency with mathematical practices. The Mathematics program provides direct, guided, and investigative instruction to build content knowledge, encourage exploration, modeling, collaboration, practice, and application in Algebra and Geometry.

Springboard® CCSS Instructional Shifts, Mathematics – click here

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