Athletic Fees

Madison Highland Prep’s athletic program is co-curricular in nature. The athletic program works cooperatively with other activities and programs to produce responsible citizens in the community. Heat athletics provide the student athlete with the opportunity to develop athletic talents, achieving the highest possible level of competitiveness, without sacrificing the time and energies needed to excel academically, within a setting that allows for character development. Understanding that our student athletes, and even our coaches occasionally, will learn lessons through mistakes, we compete with good sportsmanship. This means doing our best and bringing sportsmanship to athletics through modeling exemplary behaviors.

Madison Highland Prep offers high school athletic programs for boys and girls. MHP athletic teams participate in the Canyon Athletic Association.

Athletic Programs and Participation Fees

Fall Sports
Football – $100
Boys Soccer – $50
Girls Volleyball – $50
Cheerleading – $50
Cross Country – $50

Winter Sports
Boys Basketball – $50
Girls Basketball – $50
Girls Soccer – $50
Cheerleading – $50

Spring Sports
Baseball – $75
Softball – $75
Tennis – $50
Track & Field – $50
Boy’s Volleyball – $50

Participation Fees are non-refundable